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Most investors see Southeast Asia as a fragmented market comprised of different countries with their own nuances with the potential of scaling up somewhat complicated. However, the tier 1 cities are on par with developed markets boosted by emerging middle class and strong consumer growth. The next tier of cities or the mass middle could be seen as developing market so essentially the divide is developed VS developing markets rather than on geographical lines.

South East Asia's large metropolises represent a fast-growing market with significant opportunities for startups with products and services targeted at urban consumers. These cities represent a population of ~100 million with one the highest per capita GDP in the region, US$11,924 in just the top 6 ASEAN cities. The same cities also demonstrate rapid growth in online consumer behaviour in terms of online media, social networks, mobile apps and aspirational consumption habits. This trend is further augmented by infrastructure solutions such as payments and logistics that are uniformly available across the region via regional or global service providers.

We are excited to partner with founders and help build regional consumer internet category leaders in retail, financial services, travel & hospitality, healthcare and several other sectors which collectively present a US$50bn+ online opportunity in the near term:






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