Menka Sajnani

Head of Fundraising & Investor Relations

When I was 16, I left my comfort zone and my hometown (Hong Kong) to live by a fjord in Norway for two years. I was on a student scholarship at UWC, an educational movement which transformed me in so many ways and challenged me to think about the world differently.

Is there anything similarly transformational you’ve learnt from founders?

I learned about how leadership development and executive coaching can revitalise an organization and change the destiny of a startup!

What do you like the most about what you do?

I love working with LPs - I understand what resonates with them and what concerns them because I have been on their side of table.

If you were to start a company, what values would you build it on?

Have a razor sharp vision, organisational transparency, empower the team, and align economic incentives.

About Menka

Prior to joining Jungle Ventures, Menka was Regional Manager for Digital Solutions at Google, working with startups and mid-sized companies in Southeast Asia. Before joining Google, she spent 7 years at HQ Capital, a global alternative investment manager with US$12 Billion in assets under management. Menka was Senior Vice-President responsible for making investments in private equity and venture capital funds in Asia. She also played an integral role in the firm’s institutional fundraising and investor relations efforts. Menka is big believer in personal development, you will find her attending courses/seminars in her spare time. Apart from that, she loves meeting people from all walks of life, going out and exploring ancient monasteries.