Fu Cheng Thio


Being a competitive sprinter for more than a decade has shaped my perseverance and grit to constantly surpass my limits. As the youngest member of the team, it has been a privilege to run alongside the industry’s best and be empowered to carry my own as we realize our founders’ full potential.

What’s your favorite place you’ve ever visited?

It has to be Shanghai, China. The 12 months I spent being immersed in the Shanghai startup ecosystem left me inspired with a world of endless possibilities. Most importantly, it taught me the importance of relationships(关系) and to appreciate what I have back in Singapore.

About Fu Cheng

Fu Cheng joined Jungle Ventures in 2017 and is in the fundraising and investor relations team.

Prior to joining Jungle Ventures, Fu Cheng was at Chinaccelerator, the first and leading startup accelerator in China operated by the venture fund SOSV with more than US$500M in AUM. Fu Cheng was responsible for Chinaccelerator’s corporate innovation projects, investor relations as well as investment support. Prior to this, Fu Cheng spent time at Citibank Singapore in Corporate & Investment Banking working primarily with financial institutions.

Fu Cheng holds a BA in Finance from the National University of Singapore and spent a year in Shanghai under the NUS Overseas Colleges Program.